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How to make a Zinc-Air Battery or Aluminium-Air Battery

Zinc/Air Battery Power - Home made ........ output 0.85 V however a whopping 700ma current ......

Aluminium/Air   output     0.25 V @20ma

parallax Propellor Based Web Server , controling digitals and servo controlled camera

My Propellor Based Web Server is taking shape.

At the moment i am able to control

  • Digitals
  • Servos ..... just general positioning sweep commands at momo

However still i have to crack the sending of variables ... ie to give a servo an exact location

RC plane Project Part 10.5 - Frustration www.letsmakerobots.com (Gareth)

Frustration and delays.

"Red Box" firm are still messing around with my replacement XBee - GRRRRRRRRRR - means they are walking a thin line with me now..

Edit :- Red Box firm needed many emails before they sent replacement (thier tech support sucks - however thier admin rocks)

Anyways :- good news is i have fabricated the RX/TX circuit boards - Bare bone-ish style.

Deprons Transmit Module :-


Aluminium-Air Battery .......MacGyver style - not to be missed

Funny informative video on how to make an Aluminiun-Air Battery from kitchen bits .....MacGyver stye

Propellor Web Server

I have been battling for over 1 year to get a standalone simple webserver working (Arduino Based) ........Failed.

I have been battling for over 1 hour to get a standalone simple webserver working (Propellor Based) .....Total success.

okok maybe if i go back to the atmel version i am armed with more information.........


Its been a dream of mine to get an Internet controlled robot up and running - using its own dedicated Webserver.

Cylon bouncing light bar using PWM signals to control the LED brightness
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Gives out blindingly Bright Light
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Paints beautiful paintings whilst you watch
Using a
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