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"Wiieasy Rider" Nunchuck /Arduino hack controlling Tamiya Off-Road Car

 "Wiieasy Rider" Nunchuck /Arduino hack controlling Tamiya Off-Road Car

Update :- Code posted

                  >>> Car Park Video of it in Action at end of Blog <<<

Goal:- Hack a Tamiya Off-Road RC car - and control it with Wii-Nunchuck controller


Just what is the point .................. it impressed me anyways.

3 stage burnout, and what exactly is the point of the parachute............Duh

Why did i find this........... well i bought 4 rocket motors for 2 CHF (RRP 18 CHF) could not resist, dont think mine will be so effective though.

Mystery Object Time again

Yes its that time again...........Mystery object to be identified

What is it and how will it be used ?  (wild guesses also encouraged).

Only clue is that its for my latest Picaxe project (would you believe), and promises to be a cool addition ..... when its programmed..

Ok..... i could not wait to post some Video of Basic System

Tilt Switch - Inclinometer- with Analog Signal (Spirit Level Style)

Here is an idea on making a simple Tilt Switch. (aka Inclinometer)

It would be cheap and contains no mercury

The Idea is So:-

Version 1

Take a  clear tube either flexible tube or curved glass tube.

Place an infrared Detector (led) at both ends.

Place an infrared Transmitter to shine in the middle part.

The inside of the tube should be filled with a semi dark liquid  or thick oil ......

..... the important thing is to make sure that there is an "Air-Bubble" in the tube.

Picaxe Encoder wheel timing

I am using the code below to monitor 2 encoder wheels connected to (pin4 left motor QRD1114 & pin3 right motor QRD1114) on my latest 28x1 picaxe project . It works fine .

My question is :- how can i calculate how long the code takes to execute?

Picaxe :- Pwm motor controlling and servo scanning

I wish to connect 1 or more servos to a picaxe 28x1 .......with 2 motors controlled by pwm

So Far :-

I have managed to get two motors working with pwm control . (jumps on table in amazement - its my first picaxe enterprise)

I have used pins 12(pwm 1) and 13(pwm 2) for the motor control (with output 7,6,5,4 for direction ie via an Ld293 chip)

using  pwmout ....... pwmduty commands - works well.........

EuroBot 2010 - The Robots - Switzerland

EuroBot 2010 The Robots collecting thier points, many different strategies.

Direct link  :- EuroBot 2010 The Robots_part1.wmv

                     EuroBot 2010 The Robots_part2.wmv

EuroBot 2010 - Rapperswil - Switzerland - Gareths impressions

EuroBot 2010 - My impressions Video of the Swiss "Feed the World" robotic competition.

nonstearm link :- Euro Bot 2010  or ustream

No_Comment - Wot the "Bleeeeeeep"

No_Comment ..... only "Bleeeeeeps" please - my new plastic friend.