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Introducing the PolyMorph finger ...... or toe if you dare to use as locomotion The idea is Inspired from Anthropomorpic finger PolyMorph is a Flexible plastic … Read more

Mystery Object :- what is this mysterious thing i found lurking in my office corner

Here is a strange mystery Object i luckily caught on Video earlier this evening roaming around my office........

 Is it a UFO ........?

What high tech spacey material did i make it from ........?

What is its sole purpose in life ...... ?

All Crazy......sane ..... or insane guesses Welcome.......Gareth

For you None Streamers out there press (here)

Luxeon Leds - what would be the simplest constant current driver for them


I have just bought 5 of these 3W High-Power LEDs 

I could drive them off batteries direct ....

...however i would prefer to feed them with a "constant" but adjustable (350mA-750mA) current.


What would be the simplest circuit i could use ?.....

.... and would there be a way to PWM them?. 


Specs :-

3W High-Power White (6000-7000K) 130 Lumens - 140 deg

PolyMorph Hand (Anthropomorphic)

This for sure will be one of my next experiments........

Edit:- ........ Already experimented

Arduino EMF detector

Arduino EMF detector !!!

Interesting Sensor project from makezine

Wii Controller & Arduino i2C

I need to interface an Arduino with Nintendos Wii-Controller via i2C.

- has anyone had any experience?  or know of any links?

(i have already cracked the Nun-chuck and motionPlus units)Wiicontroller.jpg

Arduino RF remote LCD display of Temparature & Humidity

Aim of Project :- Transmit via RF remote values of Temparature & Humidity to a LCD display.

Why:- because i have always dreaded sending floating point values to a LCD display and

wanted to carve it in stone for other projects i have lined up.

& Why :- RF Links are just so cool 8-P        500ft range is not to be sneezed at......

Wii - Motion Plus (Nintendos Latest Roll-Pitch-Yaw Gyro sensor ) meets the Arduino

Nintendos amazing add-on wins again..........

Thought i would blog this to get the LMR2 "Think Tank" activated,

......... so come on ..... any brilliant ideas what can be done with it ?.

Nintendo in a bid to improve thier Wii gaming unit brought out a small unit that attaches to the bottom of the Wii remote controller (bluetooth)

The Result is a Roll-Pitch-Yaw Gyro sensor (-: at a very competative price :-) which can be Hacked to read the raw gyro information via the i2C bus.

VirtualWire.h and standard Servo.h dont mix

I would to control a few servos , however i need to use VirtualWire.h as well .....

however the standard Servo.h lib does not mix with VirtualWire.h .......

currently i use the SoftwareServo.h lib and it works but its not very smooth in operation, as you need to update every 50ms..

Any ideas or workarounds would be appreciated  - or any other servo library suggestions that work with VirtualWire.h


How can i measure the thickness of ice

How can i measure the thickness of ice.

Is there an easy way either with IR or Laser to do this.

Why :-  It would be far safer to send a robotic car across an ice lake to test if the ice is thick enough for skating - or even in a rescue type operation.

Any answers however lateral and crazy welcome.......