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Mystery Autumn 2011 project

Mystery Autumn "Guess wot the Heck Gareth is doing now" project

RF communication link between two Arduinos
This Tip/Walk-Through will guide you through a simple one way communication link between two Arduinos. The Project uses these RX/TX Radio Frequency (RF) Link … Read more
Adaptor for extending USB cables
Is your USB cable to short.............. ..... then look no further here is the ideal solution.... using your printer cable (as they tend to be extra … Read more

RFID Part 2 - Multipass Cuckoo

Continuation of Hacked Multipass RFID reader ......

Now updated with absolute decode of the 19 byte "Secret-Cypher" hex string to 10 digit readable numerical string....YAY

RFID "Multipass"

RFID reader hacking success.... 19 bytes of raw data .......

Question is  shall i go Arduino or Propeller ? .....or even Picaxe (just in its grasp)

$2 Elfish computer "BlueTooth" Upgrade

For the cost of 4 resistors and a $1.80 Bluetooth dongle - your Propeller chip can join the wireless environment.

....again the Propeller chip just bowls me over with its amazing capabilities.....

For more details of how to accomplish this....... zip over to Elizabeth Scotts site

EDIT :- Now confirmed working with 2$ dealextream Bluetooth Dongle.

RFID hits the ShoutBox

Just wanted to share this........

 I bought a new RFID reader .......

It installed quite nicely all by its self  as a HID (Human Interface Device)

Now i was clueless "Wot2Do" with a RFID HID.... soo.....

.... yes ask the ShoutBox someone will point me in the right direction......

Gareths Elvish Propeller Mini Computer Framework.....

I needed disparately a mini platform for development - the propeller can be easily set up to read ps2 keyboard/mouse and output a composite video signal, plus sound and if i play my cards right a usb bridge interface for my phone.

All i have basically done is sit the propeller usb board into an ic socket and soldered 2 IDE diskdrive sockets either side - allowing me to use the system like a breadboard for experimentation. On the back i have wired in sockets for mouse and keyboard.

My Wii-camera will just plug into the ide socket....... oh this is going to be soooo magic..

Walk this way (JMEWalker Clone)

I could not resist making a clone of a JMEMantzel walker (NOT the spidertank mech) as featured in his video Here.

This is just a mock-up to understand and tune the walking mech.........before.....

shrinking it to half (or quarter) its size - controlled by central servo for turning..............

The Barcode input method i will be expanding as well.

Do you think a picaxe 08M is up to the job ?      (servo-motor-barcode)