Let's Make Robots!

"Jar of FireFlies" - 08 picaxe LM324 opamp Syncronisation

Here is FireFly C10 detecting the UV glowing light off FireFly C224

C10 then synchronises and flashes in unison with C224

"Jar of Fireflies" part 2 - Enter the "No.10"

Second FireFly is in the Jar........ code named "No.10"

Disassembled Green version.

1 UV LED and 2 caps = 6 legs ....... one set of 3 is the positive and other set of 3 is the negative )-:so it can not cross its legs :-(

Glow PolyMorph Ultra-Violet LED body has a bit more "Organic-ness" to it now........

"Jar of Firefly" part 1 - Early Summer Project

"Jar of FireFly"

Ok its a start before the summer comes - by then the jar.....or a bigger jar will be full of Anamatronic FireFlies.

The idea is that the jar just keeps them safe - then i can open it up take them out and deploy the fireflies onto a bush or tree etc-etc

They will be controlled by picaxe 08s (128byte brain) in theory 1 picaxe will control 3 Fireflies.

Picture the scene :- Red cone is direction your Robot is pointing in.Coloured boxes are for the moment "Virtual could-be or could-not be walls"Whole square cell is … Read more
Converts analogs into digitals so you can read the outside world
  Many fast processors, mcus, mpus, etcetcetc fail in one very basic way ..... "NO ANALOG INPUT" (yes i am shouting at all manufactors that fail this basic … Read more
Warns me when a parcel or letter enters the Post box - "FireFly" Themed
     For years now i have wanted to "Hot-Wire" my Mail/Parcel Box, unfortunately most mail boxes in CH can only be found on the ground floor (strange but true) … Read more

Question:- How could the ShoutBox be displayed on a separate Serial LCD screen

I have a simple question and project that may be "Fun" and quite practical for all Avid "SHOUTBOX" user.

It would be real cool to have a separate 2 or 4 line serial LCD next to your compy displaying shoutbox updates .YAY.

Question :- how on earth could i "parse" the LMR webpage ?

                   ......extract the shoutbox data ?

"Cry Baby Cry" & Video

BlueSun organisation is loaming - "a something else" product - be sure to tune into the "wave".

Care to guess its purpose in life ............. ?

Urgent Search :- Need to find Serenity or Firefly  theme tune ..for picaxe - can any browncoats help out !!!!!


G³ = Gareth Going Green

Gareth is Going Green (G³)........no suprises.........

At long last..... 

Just had last bits in to go a little "Solar Friendly" ...

.....First Etape "in the bag" :- my Main Compy is running "Green" off Solar power.....

.....(not sure for how long on one charge though, so far so good....)

.....2nd Etape - Solar lighting (not sure what or how yet)

Enables you to draw in Virtual Air-space, or control things ie.Virtual Control Button Panel
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