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RC via Bluetooth, avoids obsticals
Using a
  This robot comes in a kit from A-wit, the original name is BOL-bot (Board of Learning). http://www.c-stamp.com/CS710003.htm Read more

My Custom PCBs have arrived !


They arrived!!!! I’ve literally counting the hours till they got here!


It took me some time to get the perfect design but it was worth it! I used PCB Layout to design them and ordered them with BatchPCB and it worked out perfectly, the quality of the boards is incredible and I now understand CTC when he was talking about his own custom boards.

ASIMO Robot learns object identity

This is extreamly cool

A mini relay like chip?

Here is the setup, I need a picaxe to "push" 2 buttons when it receives a high digital input. 
I will be using a picaxe08M and will have 2 digital inputs(2 buttons) and to digital outputs to triger the relay.
I need somethink like a relay but much smaller, about the same size a the picaxe chip.
It only need to handle 5V.
Anybody know of something that would do the job ? 

Which rechargeable battery to choose?

Lately I've been a bit more careful about how I spend my money on my robotics projects (wasn’t able to get a summer job this year) and I have notices one big problem: batteries! 


Avoid object for now
Using a
Description:  Here is my own little creation. Read more

Switching voltage regulator but what after it ?


Here is a hopefully simple question, and a little explanation to go with it.

Okay,here we go...

I am currently adding extra sensors and bits and bobs that eat up power on my robot and I would like to give my robot a bit more power to work with and so that it can run longer. That is simple thanks to12 AA batteries

My robot uses a Picaxe 28X1 and from what I have read it doesn't like more that 12V.

Here is the problem: my 12 AA's give out  18V ( and yes I did use a calculator! ) but I can only give my chip 12 of those 18V.

Picaxe 08 M and IR


Can a Picaxe 08M receive a IR signal transmittet by another Picaxe 08M ? And when it receives a IR signal transmit a high on a pin so that it could act as a digital input on a picaxe 28X1?

I have looked at the manuals but cant figure it out....


Picaxe programming, problem with head turning and scanning.


Picaxe programming, problem with head turning and scanning.


For some time now i have been playing around with my code to get it just right, but i have hit a snag that i cant seem to fix.


If you are good at programming you will see the mistake


Difference between 2 capacitor values


I am trying to get all the parts for a second IR upgrade pack for my robot.

So far I will be able to roder all th parts exept one : the capacitor, on tecksupplies the only one that seems to match is called a 4u7 capacitor, the paper that came with the upgrade package sais I need a 4.7uF one. Is there a difference between the 2 values or is just a diffrent way of writing it ? it.   

And if the 21 values do not meen the same thing would anybody have a spare one I could buy of them ?