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Picaxe programming

I ve been trying to write a code for my robot, but no luck. This is for a school project so it is sort of urgent. I tried adapting Frits Start here robot code. I will learn coding but i dont have the time at the moment.

if anybody could help that would be great !

IR picaxe upgrade problems


i got the infra-red upgrade pack and i connected it up and copied and passed the example code and i keep getting a message: ("infrain" command not supported - use irin!) but when i replace infrain by irin it doesnt work ether .

anybody got any ideas?



Here is the code :

Joystick and picaxe 28X1


Here is a pick of and old joystick from a 360 or ps controler,

I have 2 questions, the thigs on the side that sens the position are they potentiometer ? and would a chip like a picaxe or some other one be able to interpret the signal coming to it ?


witch platform or language to learn this summer ?


This summer i am planing on going to a summer robotics camp and since you guys have a bit of experience in that area ;) , i was wondering witch would be the best platform or language to learn?

Robotics is realy intersting so i would  love to study it.



L293D problems


I was wondering if anybody elts was having slight over heating problems with the motor driver chip.

It realy heats up !!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this normal?


How to connect a light dependent resistor to a picaxe 28X1


I recently go a light dependent resistor

and i cant seem to figure out how to connect it to my picaxe28X1, would anybody here know how ???

Any help would be apreciated !!!!!

Simple control for stepper motors


I got a printer with a scanner, the printer head and scanner head are controlled by stepper motors.

I was wondering if there was a way i could use the microcontroller that came in the printer ? Or is it possible to buy a microcontroller that can make the motor back and forwards ??

Thanks for any help.