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Cant get Freeduino to work with Vista

Ive checked my soldering, ive installed all drivers and have it hooked up correctly but for some reason I cant get my freeduino to work with vista. Everytime I try to upload code I get these errors --

    avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

    avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect+0x14, resp=0x51

does anyone know what these mean? (Freeduino is same as Arduino Decimilia)

What wireless transceiver should I use?

Im planning on adding a wireless system to my next bot but am totally new to the subject. Ive decided on two transceivers for 2way communcation from both ends but have no idea which ones to get. Here are three possible options im looking into. My question is how hard is it to connect these to a picaxe and a computer and which one would be best for a beginner.


Simple Picaxe Programming Question

I have what are probably two very simple questions about picaxe programming. First how do I create a line of code that only executes once for example a noise that only sounds once when the robot turns on. And secondly what is the difference between the gosub and goto commands for picaxe. Ive refered to the manuals but have had no luck.
Navigates via sonar, Sharp IR and avoids all obstacles
Using a
****Update 4-6-09**** Polymorph head ,IR extension and side panels!!!  **Coming soon - Speaker,  LED'S and MORE POLYMORPH!**   Read more

Help with Sharp IR code

Im kinda new to this programming stuff so this is probably a really easy question. How do i get my robot to react to a increase or decrease of 20 points from my sharp IR. Right now  my code looks like this (b1 is IR reading)

if b1 > 115 then
 end if

 if b1 < 85 then

 my sensor reads about 95 when its on my black table but with different light sources or materials it can jump up or down. Instead of using 85 and 115 in my code i want it to react whenever there is a change of a specified amount.

Vex Starter Kit

Im pretty new to robotics ,about 3 mon experience, but ive already built about 4 working robots, i work 6-7 days a wk and dont have alot of time to worry about getting all my different parts together for building a new robot so i am looking at buying a vex starter kit. I am wondering what its mech, elec, and programming limitations are and what programmer to get if i buy it.