Let's Make Robots!
For now, it does squats. Hopefully, it will eventually walk in a controlled manner.
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I'm afraid I'm STILL on the Write LMR trip. It's not got tired yet. I've decided to motorise a miniature Etch-A-Sketch. I decided on steppers. Not servos. Servos … Read more
  The challenge is simple: design an autonomous or remote controlled window cleaner. It might climb a wall and then scoosh high pressure water at the window. It … Read more
Program takes control of a Roomba vacuum cleaner.
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I got a vacuum cleaner for my birthday. Sorry, Chris, but MY wife is the coolest wife ever. I didn't have the correct plug for the interface, so I really spent … Read more


How would anyone else feel about a pay-to-enter competition? Simple rules:

1) everyone pays a nominal amount (eg US$2) to enter (maybe to a centralised PayPal account or something?)

2) winner takes all - the person deemed the "winner" gets the contents of the PayPal account

3) the person setting the challenge is not allowed to enter (clearly, this person may already have spent years working on their design!)

4) the entries are judged by LMR members and these members must not also be entrants in the competition.

Enter Network Password

Anyone ever seen the "Enter Network Password" dialog appear repeatedly in MS Outlook? It's really starting to piss me off.

It comes up every few minutes. The password is already entered (asterisked out). Even if I click "Save this password in your password list" it still comes back.

I Googled it. There are loads of instances, but none of the proposed solutions works for me...!

Ultra Portable Laptops

Anyone any experience of these? Can they be readily programmed? They look like a brilliant little interface to a mid-sized robot (USB, WiFi, battery-powered, etc...) With refurbished prices of around $100, it's be well worth considering.

...but they need to be programmable...