Let's Make Robots!
Well, if Servo Writer is a robot, then so's WhizzyWriter. Here's the motor. This was the X-axis motor from a printer (the one which pulls the print head across the … Read more

Xmas Lights Tester

So, you accidentally stick a regular clear bulb in your Christmas lights (fairy lights [US] ?) instead of a fuse bulb. Next time there's a bit of a surge, there's no discernable weak point in your circuit and it takes out more than one bulb. Where do you start debugging that?

Sure, you could sit with a multimeter and probe all the bulbs to find the duff ones. Have you ever tried to attach multimeter probes to a fairy light bulb?!?! It's a nightmare. Specially when you only have 8 fingers and two thumbs.



This is (the bottom half of) my wife's great great grandmother's cherry wood sideboard. Ain't it a beauty? I trailed it 1500 miles from Normandy.


Here's how the door is attached to the cab:


Circled is a screw which I cannot access. The photo is a little deceptive. Looking down on it you can't see the screw at all.

Old Avatars

Thought it might be good to log a history  of folks' old avatars.


Over on the left, there is how my original avatar should have looked. It was supposed to be animated with me spinning around. Frits reckons it would have been irritating and is glad the resizer stripped all but the last frame out. So all you ever saw was the bald spot at the back of my head.

So, there you have it: This was BOA.

Rating System

From the shoutbox...


LMR Theme Song

Who knows if this will come to anything... Here's a soundbyte to get started with. It lacks rhythm. In fact, it lacks any musical qualities, but there are some stunning compositions which have started with less.
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