Let's Make Robots!
Writes and draws on the floor.
Using a
This baby takes input from a home made scripting language and turns it into drawings on the floor. When I rule the world, PVC conduit is going to be what all … Read more

Threading a Needle

We need a brief guide to posting. Perhaps there is one and I've missed it. I'd like to see something done to encourage people to reply in the appropriate place using the buttons provided.


This is clearly a response to this, but the author has chosen to create a new thread.

What's that? In robotics, "solenoids" are a type of actuator. You have a coil (4) of enamelled wire (same stuff you find in motors and relay coils) wound loosely … Read more

Reversing Robot

I was tempted to post this as a challenge, but I can't offer a prize. The deal is, you build a robot which can reverse a trailer round a 90 degree corner and then in a straight line.

I mean trailer (British) I have no idea what Americans call an articulated trailer, but I believe some of you may now be thinking I'm talking about mobile homes. No. Not an aluminium house on wheels.


I often sit with LMR open in a window in the background. Does anyone else think it a good idea if a little "ping" was emitted when a new Shoutbox message arrived? I suspect this would be a code job. Perhaps it could be optional on a per-user basis.

Battery Connectors, Tamiya

I have numerous plugs and sockets. Brand new and unused.
Isn't that just a pot? You are forgiven for thinking you are looking at a photo of a potentiometer AKA variable resistor. That's what this looks like. However, if … Read more
Computer mice with balls contain two (or sometimes three, if the have a scroll wheel) rotary position sensors. These are not mechanical switches, but optical ones. … Read more

TCP/IP Idiot's Guide Required

OKay, who understands IP? I want a simple explaination as to why I can log into LMR with two different usernames from two different PCs in my house, when they're both attached to the same router. The router assigns them both unique non-routable IP addresses on the LAN side of my network.

If I log into two sessions on LMR using two usernames, the more recent of teh two connections takes over the older one and that session becomes the same as the new one.

Once the traffic passes through my router, it's almost as if my two PCs have two different IPs.