Let's Make Robots!

CDs - Just plain old regular CDs

I have several thousand CDs. Mostly Microsoft updates and covers discs off magazines. These might make good wheels for robots. They definitely make good heads for robots.

Diodes, Signal, 1N418

I have about 100 1N418 signal diodes. I'm not desperately keen to get rid of them, so make me a good offer.

Jack Sockets, 3.5mm, Mono, Panel mount

THOUSANDS of these. Don't ask.

Magnetic Reed Switches (Aleph)

200 Aleph magnetic reed switches. You bring a magnet clsoe to them and the switch closes. Might be used for a rotation sensor or something.


Where does this stuff all come from?

Quasar 2.4GHz Transceiver

Has anyone ever seen or used this Quasar 2.4GHz Transceiver Module (QFM-TRX1-24G) or anything similar?

I like the price. I'm considering ordering a couple as an inexpensive alternative for controlling my I2C bus.

Looks like it's based on this TI chip whose data sheet gives better info than the Quasar data sheet.

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Steerable radio controlled robot whcih balances autonomously on two co-axial wheels.
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3.3V Regulators Wanted

Anyone got any suggestions as to where I buy get free samples of 3.3V regulators, or where I can buy them cheaply? Does anyone have any they can give me or exchange for some of my crap?


National Instruments

At work, I use NI controllers to make test rigs which pretend to be jet engines. Here's some stuff other people have used them for: