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Quasar 2.4GHz Transceiver

Has anyone ever seen or used this Quasar 2.4GHz Transceiver Module (QFM-TRX1-24G) or anything similar?

I like the price. I'm considering ordering a couple as an inexpensive alternative for controlling my I2C bus.

Looks like it's based on this TI chip whose data sheet gives better info than the Quasar data sheet.

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Steerable radio controlled robot whcih balances autonomously on two co-axial wheels.
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3.3V Regulators Wanted

Anyone got any suggestions as to where I buy get free samples of 3.3V regulators, or where I can buy them cheaply? Does anyone have any they can give me or exchange for some of my crap?



Stuff the board does which you wish it didn't.

National Instruments

At work, I use NI controllers to make test rigs which pretend to be jet engines. Here's some stuff other people have used them for: