Let's Make Robots!
Update: been through a few revisions, new pics added of the last mods and the latest mod-in-progress (front+rear castors, mid-mounted motors and batteries)  This … Read more

IR and Sensor rangefinding data visualisation

These images were created by stepping a pair of servo motors to create a file containing sensor readings for each possible servo position.

I took 3 readings for each position from each servo and stored them in a file, then read the data back in a seperate pygame program running on a desktop to generate the image. RGB values were generated from the 3 readings from each sensor.

3D scanning/artificial robot vision

This image was created via data from a sharp IR sensor and maxrobotics sonar, mounted on a pan/tilt servo setup.


The "real" image is not taken from the same perspective as the robot - as the robot has over 180 degree field of view (sorta, for the middle 1/3rd of the screen) it was pointless to try to replicate its view with a cameraphone.


Reading USB mouse data in linux - somebody else C app and my python

Here is a slightly modified (added in hs and vs) c utility, and my python version. they will read the linux /dev/input/mouse data and convert it into status and x/y deltas

i noticed my python app seems quite different to the c app. not quite sure - default int()  types in c must be signed, i dont know... my second two bytes for x,y have MSB set if they are negative, but this value is also set in bits 5 and 6 of byte 1 from what my python tells me..


comments welcome!

Converting X,Y mouse positions to skid seering commands

For quick demonstrations/easy testing of hardware, i am trying to write a pygame interface to a skid steering robot.

This is the third or so generation of this robot. The previous versions were all tracked, and the first few used a balsa wood frame. Many reasons for failure, … Read more

So, here goes..

These are videos of my robot. A few improvements since these were done, more to come. Polou servo controller, python, wxwidgets, polymorph/shaplock plastic