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Can't upload to Wild Thumper Controller

Hi all,


I can't seem to upload my sketch onto the wild thumper controller, tried with 0018, 0022 and the latest IDE.




what does the error code means? Where can I find the definitions for response 0x41 & 0x56?

XBee interference issues, looking for substitutes

Hi all,


I'm building a robot which is currently wirelessly connected via XBee Pro and has an onboard 2.4 GHz pin hole camera.

The problem is that the XBee's signal is often degraded when the camera is working.

I've tried out the codes using a wired connection and all is good.


Thus, I'm looking for a wireless replacement for connecting the robot to the PC. Any suggestions are welcomed :)

Using itg-3200 gyro to measure angular position

Hi all,

I have the sparkfun itg-3200 gyro connected to an arduino Uno. The example code works but it only indicates angular velocity.

Can this be used to measure angular position? Or do I need to throw in a accelerometer as well?

This gyro is supposed to be integrated with a pan-tilt servo kit, thus relaying it's orientation back to the uno.

How to Connect 3 Arduinos using I2C?

I've tried hooking up 2 arduinos using I2C and I need to expand it to 3 now cause of the Razor IMU sensor, which is also an Arduino.


As the I2C uses analog pins 4 & 5, how do the master Arduino knows which slave it is talking to?

Help with Wild Thumper Controller

Hi guys,


I'm trying to hookup the Wild Thumper Controller (WTC)to my Uno.

Initial test with a RC unit works great, with the WTC receiving 1500 signals when in neutral position.

The Uno is sending the signal using the "servo.write(90)" function.

However, the signals received on the WTC fluctuates between 1400 to 1600.

The result is a jumper 6x6 :(


Is there a way to send perfect, stable signals to the WTC from the arduino?


Next, I'm exploring the Serial Comm (SC) mode of the WTC.

Arduino programming problem

I've having problems loading sketches onto my Duemilanove.

Athough the IDE indicates "Done uploading", there are 2 verification errors

Suspecting that the bootloader is corrupted, I've tried reburning it using the Pololu AVR Programmer, but rcv the following error

Is the Arduino dead?


Qns regarding ATtiny

Hi all,


I'm considering a low cost solution for my next project & i stumble across the ATtiny.

what I needed to do requires only 3 digital I/Os.


I'm new to the ATtiny & it seems that the programmer costs a bomb.relative to the chip.

Any recommendations for the programmer and the IDE?



XBee AT/API Reliability

Hi all, I'm trying to control 4 servos with 4 pot via xbee, setup as follows:

Tx: Arduino connected to 4 pots(pins 0-3) & XBee (Series 2.5)

Rx: Arduino connected to 4 servos (pins 5, 6, 10, 11) & XBee (Series 2.5)

The Tx side will map the pot values (0-180) and send them over to Rx.


I've setup the XBees in AT Mode using guibot's tutorial but the order of the 4 values @ the Rx end jumbles up at times.

Sharp GP2D12 and Object Detection

Hi all,


I'm trying to use 2 sharp sensors to detect an object which is placed near a wall (see pic). The problem with these sensors is that the readings will fluctuate even when it's static and if the distance is far, it is harder to differentiate the object from the wall.

the sensors are mounted on a moving robot. Any suggestions to detect the object?

Selecting MCU n Driver for RC Tank

Hi all,

I'm trying to convert a small tank into a semi-autonomous robot. The chassis is pretty similar to the Tamiya double gearbox + track n wheels + base plate.


The problem is there isn't much space to play with (see pic). With 2 AA batteries, i might be able to squeeze in 1 flat PCB.

I was tinking of using an Arduino but I dun tink it can fit in.


Just remembered I've some small batt packs from Pololu, so 6 V sld be ok.