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the BoBs that never were

been a bit since ive posted anything besides talk in the shout box. now that my kossel is well on its way to completion and still seeing all these cool BoBs and variants out there. i figured i could put some of my old designs to use. i pulled up my old dropbox file and remembered all those projects i started. and thought i would share some of my insane designs. these are the BoBs that never made it off the computer screen. links are to dropbox folders cant embed from drop box (to my knowledge) and im too lazy to sort them and put them on photobucket!

BoB from toy to tool

i think its time to take my BoB from a toy to a tool. and i would like ideas from you wonderful folk at LMR.

what improvements would you all make to make BoB more classroom friendly?

what ideas do you have to help in the aid of manufacturing?


my basic guidlines are:

4xAA powered (most likely ni-cad or nimh)

MG90 servos (metal gears and kids seem to sound likea  good idea)

Arduino for a brain (not sure what board)

so please throw your ideas in to the pot and ill try and incorporate them into the design

assistance bitcoin mining

i currently took up bit coin mining to try and help fund my printer build and maybe even down the road help a production BoB become reality (i have not given up!) does anyone want to help my endevor? all it takes is a small (20mb) program and a worker name and password from me..if anyone is interested please let me know. it would be geatly appreciated.

beware of sainsmart!

some of you know about my experience with sainsmart some of you do not. and some have had their own.

this is a warning to all new people that may be interested in buying from them . DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK

i had one of these before and never got far with it so here is take 2. a friend gave me this one in exchange for taking a look at his broken wii console. My plans … Read more
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3D printer motor group buy

so after some talk in the shout box someone posted these gems here https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10846 while they are a nice motor 17 plus shipping sucked so i went on a hunt what i was able to come up with was a contact to order direct from the manufacturer Wantai Motors they have no problems with a small order but the bigger the order the better the price gets. here is a link to the full spec sheet: http://www.wantmotor.com/ProductsView.asp?id=157&pid=80 for 12 units i was able to get the price down to 15.91 shipped here and thats only 12 units.

3D printed firearms(kind of)

first im sorry if this post is taboo and not allowed...feel free to remove it if so


first off i say "kind of" because a whole gun is not being printed. just the parts that are considered to be the actual gun.with all the reading lately and my interest in the subject i thought i would share what i have learned here in the blog.

Mini Internet Controlled Robot Fighting or MICRF

A recent post brought me to this idea. most of use are old and young enough to remember when battling robots graced the tv with their awesomeness. But most of us weren't able to build them let alone ship the robot and operator out to the ring. so what if you only had to ship the robot?

So here was my idea.