Let's Make Robots!

an update on the BoB/Zowi thing

after some emails back and forth and agreement has been reached im going to change my license to allow them to produce and sell their Zumi varriant of my BoB robot and they have agreed to my requests. all is well and im happy to have this situation taken care of.

Printing with trimmer line

As many of the shout box regulars have found out i have my printer up and running. when i finished it i had no material to print with and a massive desire to see my monstrosity work amd remembered something i had read online.People were experimenting with trimmer line (the stuff thats used in weed wackers/weed eaters etc...) but last i had looked into it deltas and bowdens were the new and most people were running 3mm filament. well after looking around i found .065 inch line which measures out to ~1.68mm.

BoB from toy to tool

i think its time to take my BoB from a toy to a tool. and i would like ideas from you wonderful folk at LMR.

what improvements would you all make to make BoB more classroom friendly?

what ideas do you have to help in the aid of manufacturing?


my basic guidlines are:

4xAA powered (most likely ni-cad or nimh)

MG90 servos (metal gears and kids seem to sound likea  good idea)

Arduino for a brain (not sure what board)

so please throw your ideas in to the pot and ill try and incorporate them into the design

3D printer motor group buy

so after some talk in the shout box someone posted these gems here https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10846 while they are a nice motor 17 plus shipping sucked so i went on a hunt what i was able to come up with was a contact to order direct from the manufacturer Wantai Motors they have no problems with a small order but the bigger the order the better the price gets. here is a link to the full spec sheet: http://www.wantmotor.com/ProductsView.asp?id=157&pid=80 for 12 units i was able to get the price down to 15.91 shipped here and thats only 12 units.

LMR bot

why not all pool together for one big robot?

everyone can contribute, be it code, parts, diagrams.

we could all work together, design a platform, and build it. maybe even make it web controlled from the front page.


we can asign one person with the playspace to home it.


im sorry that my thoughts are scattered, it was just an idea brought up in shout box.

so my question now is. who would be willing to take part in such an experiment?



sensors and parts. for sale or trade

i have to trade/sell:

parallax ping sensor.

brushless motor and speed control marked 2212/6 and 30 amp

sparkfun breadboard regulator

random swithced and heades.


what i need:

servos either standard or micro.

who wants to help with code?

this is the code for my new robot it uses two servos to drive forward and a ping mounted on a servo that sweeps back and forth when it senses something 9inches or closer it backs up and turns right. what i would like it to do is when is sees something it will take the angle of the servo and if its right it will turn left if its left it will turn right. any ideas? btw i cant claim the two main peices of code one was found here will give credit when i remember who posted it. 2nd is the ping sample