Let's Make Robots!

3D printed firearms(kind of)

first im sorry if this post is taboo and not allowed...feel free to remove it if so


first off i say "kind of" because a whole gun is not being printed. just the parts that are considered to be the actual gun.with all the reading lately and my interest in the subject i thought i would share what i have learned here in the blog.

Mini Internet Controlled Robot Fighting or MICRF

A recent post brought me to this idea. most of use are old and young enough to remember when battling robots graced the tv with their awesomeness. But most of us weren't able to build them let alone ship the robot and operator out to the ring. so what if you only had to ship the robot?

So here was my idea.

just a robot i built from junk laying around for right now it avoids objects in its path. plans for it are pretty much to use it to test new sensors,coding, … Read more
11/27/2012- swapped his backpack to an arduino pro mini (thanks ossipee!) its all being set up on a proto board hot glued to its back and will be moved into the … Read more

LMR bot

why not all pool together for one big robot?

everyone can contribute, be it code, parts, diagrams.

we could all work together, design a platform, and build it. maybe even make it web controlled from the front page.


we can asign one person with the playspace to home it.


im sorry that my thoughts are scattered, it was just an idea brought up in shout box.

so my question now is. who would be willing to take part in such an experiment?



sensors and parts. for sale or trade

i have to trade/sell:

parallax ping sensor.

brushless motor and speed control marked 2212/6 and 30 amp

sparkfun breadboard regulator

random swithced and heades.


what i need:

servos either standard or micro.

runs around shooting things. for now
Using a
My parts are alive again. my bot recycling is in force. started out with raduinos treaded base and a pair of servos from blocky.some 5min epoxy and some random … Read more

dual control rc and arduino without a switch

i had made an airsoft tank and wanted it both to freeroam and be controlled by rc. and found it to be quite simple actualy using the ping code. this is just the begining of the code but the robot will nagigate with ping and when the rx is switched on will stop the arduino. and when switched off will let it continue. i did this using an unused channel on the rx. when the rx is swithed on but the tx is not it sends out no pulses but when the tx is switched on its send pulses high then a servos range. using the ping code it reads at 17 inches. so modding the ping code.

avoids scary cats people and walls
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time for a proper write up. this is my first functioning and finished robot rover. it is a servo drive robot using 2 futaba s3003 and two futaba s3001 servos for … Read more

who wants to help with code?

this is the code for my new robot it uses two servos to drive forward and a ping mounted on a servo that sweeps back and forth when it senses something 9inches or closer it backs up and turns right. what i would like it to do is when is sees something it will take the angle of the servo and if its right it will turn left if its left it will turn right. any ideas? btw i cant claim the two main peices of code one was found here will give credit when i remember who posted it. 2nd is the ping sample