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Encoder counter interface problem - ls7366

Hi guys, As you might know , ive been working on a micro mouse. I had gotten motors that had built in encoders within the . As such it was vital that I was able to count the encoder counts. To do so, instead of using interrupts, I had bought an encoder counter. It is the ls7366. I fully understand how to use the chip through SPI. All the functions etc. I am how ever not that versed at using SPI. I am interfacing it with the dspic30f6015. The connections with the encoder counter are the basic kind, as listed in the data sheet. I am also not concerned about quadrature encoding.

Floodfill in C

This is somewhat an important aspect of a micromouse. The maze solving algorithm. I have been trying for the past three days, to understand it and code it out in c. I coded if for a 5by5 maze as a small scale version first but I can get it.


I need to really understand how the floodfill works to help a micromouse. Is it used during the exploration phase or after it reaches the center then it floods the maze.  Can someone explain to me fully, the floodfill algorithm for micromouse? 


Software speed control

Okay, here's the deal. I am trying to think of a way, to control the speed and acceleration of my robot.


Firstly, what data I will have would be form the encoders and I am also able to control the pwm to the motors. With these I have to tackle two things. Knowing the actual speed and controlling it. andd controlling the acceleration. Details on the gearing and encoders first.

mounting wheels

Hi guys. Im really puzzled on how to mount the wheels for my micromouse. 


a guy did so, and many do the same http://www.micromouseonline.com/sites/default/files/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/IMG_4278-full.jpg but I don't know how to. Any Ideas? 




Is this battery suitable?

Hi guys. I am looking for a power source for my micromouse. Say it requires 500mah and needs to last about 30mins. Would this do? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=7565 if  i bought 2 cells? It had a 20c discharge rate..

Thanks in advacne

Encoder counters

Hey guys. I am seriously clueless on how to use quadrature counters for my encoders on my two faulhaber motors. The ones that I am considering to use are : UPD4701A or LS7366. Could you guys help me with my problem? Thanks a lot in advance.

Pickit2 uart

I want to be very sure before any soldering or planning is done. I have seen that the pickit2 can be used serially. http://physics.uoregon.edu/~torrence/610/docs/pickit2.pdf . How every i am not too sure whether i can still program it nomrally and whether or not it requires coding as i am using c18.  Could you guys Help me out in this? Thanks in advance.

motor control

Well, pwm is easy stuff. for my micromouse , im not sure whether i need to have a sort of speed profile for the mouse. that aside, i need to ask how i am able to accel and decel a motor, which i am controlling the speed with pwm. I am using 18f252 by the way. Thanks in advance!