Let's Make Robots!

Humm B

I Finaly Started The Humm B.

This is an ongoing project that will change over time

i will post pictures soon (I hope) 

i still need to figure out a good motor reversing circuit that will work with a pic.

I plan to use pics to controle the basic operations and sencors in a sort of nural network. perhaps adding a big brain at some point.

some wimpy code for a 16f84a pic, I just learned how to program these. It is just a bump sensor thing for the moment.:


how does XORF work?

howd yu do?

I finaly caught on to the PIC assebly language!

I am using a pic on a simple little robot with the usual bump, revese, turn, obsticle avoidance. it will do more than that later but I havent even writen a PIC program yet so I am starting small. anyway there is on thing I don't understand in the tutorial i read. it is the XORFcommand. I understand xor gates but how does it work here; http://www.pictutorial.net/?page_id=152

it says 

Program and chips, What am I to look for?


ok, I know c++ reasonably well 

I know some electronics....

that said, I want to build a robot that is controled by a computer. right now a desktp pc, later a laptop or somthing smaller.

I can (or rather my program can) read the S pins on LPT1 and output to the D pins. I would rather use USB or wireless AP but I have no clue how to do that at this point.the basic starting skeliton of the robot is a slaughtered RC hummer. all the electronic guts are gone as is the shell. just motors drivegears and frame is all there is right now.