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Robotics software (LMR Toolkit)

I saw the program Speed Calculator v1.2 by djhesit8 and I got inspired.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a LMR Toolkit program in which you could do
many computations and simulations to support your robot making process.

Now my question to you is:
What features would you like this program to have? So what processes /
calculations are you doing at the moment that you would like to have

Navigate around via ultrasound / Remote controlled / Line follower / Sumo bot
Using a
This is the second robot that I've ever build. The first robot was Rebel. But this robot had some limitations and shortcomings. The things it missed are among other … Read more

Mail arrived, doesn't it look pretty?


All for my new robot project - a Hexapod. I did a quick 3d renedering on how it is going to walk. If I have anything of interest to show I'll make a new 'robot' entry :)

difference between servos

What is the main difference between the price differences for servo's. I mean there are servo's for EUR 4,95 but there are also servo's for EUR 29,95. Is the difference the speed or the torque...or both?

Also what is the difference between these servo's. ie. what does the JR / FUT etc. mean? I'm planning on building a hexapod, and I will need quite a lot servo's for this. What are the best price / quality I can buy?

Top Line standaard servo ES-30 FUT


I'm confused. How does a R/C car steer without a servo...

I had lying around an old R/C car an thought it would be cool if my new robot also becomes radio controlled. I took apart the thing and there were four wires on the PCB.

*Black Ground

*Red Voltage

*Brown cable going to motor

*Blue cable going to motor

Datasheet for clock display component

Here's the deal, I killed my old clock and took out the display. On the back of the display it says


I assume this is the number of the component. I would like to use this display for my robot. But to make it work I really need the datasheet, and I can't find it. Does anybody know a good site for datasheets? (or even better, has this datasheet?)

Line following, Driving around free with obstacle avoidance
Using a
This is a first attempt at building a robot. For now it is able to follow a line, and to drive around free with obstacle avoidance. In the near future I will … Read more