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Controlling more than 1 servo?

How do I controll more than 1 servo? Like for example, I can controll 2 servos by putting 1 servo right underneath the other. But that just makes it so that I'm running 2 servos on the same program. I would appreciate the people of LMR to help me. ;D thank you.

ir remote help please!!! and thank you!


i need help with this when ever i try to debug this with any of the 3 remotes i have at my use i get the same reply like for example i get 0 when i just press the button and i get 2730 when i hold the button, i even have inclued a screen, and for the code i switched the debug to 2 cuz 0 gave me problems


Wireless for cheap?

I was wondering how would go wireless for cheap, i was thinking of using ir or rf but where would i get parts for them?

What am i doing wrong with this code?

int ledPin = 9;                // LED is connected to pin 12
int switchPin = 2;              // switch is connected to pin 2
int val;                        // variable for reading the pin status
int value = 0;

Arduin Servo Help

Hi guys, Im new here and i was wondering if you guys knew how many servos an arduino can use at 1 time.