Let's Make Robots!

My whole holonomic future is in your hands.

I want to build an autonomous holonomic robot using omniwheels.  Please advise me from both a programming and from a structural point of view.  Is it better to use three wheels in an equilateral triangle configuration, or four wheels in a square layout?  And why do you think so?  Thank you.

Labyrinth Line Follower Advice Please

I wish to build an autonomous robot capable of navigating a human sized labyrinth at our local senior center.  I need to make it mostly from VEX parts programmed in RobotC.

RobotC Compatible Microcontrollers

I received a copy of RobotC and the USB/Serial interface with my VEX robot kit.
As I become acquainted with it, I realize that it could solve control of a model railroad cable car system that terminates inside a model building and must be left unattended on public display.  The ability to exercise fine control through reprogramming rather than physically rearranging parts would be a major plus.

Track design for tracked robots

I am brand new to the robot hobby with questions about track profiles.

The high sided triangular track profile of Wall-E or Johnny 5 looks really good, but seems to make inefficient use of track links.  Other than good looks, is there a good design reason for this profile?

Of the other general profiles available (parallelogram - WWI tanks), (rounded rectangle - Christie type WWII tanks), (inverted trapazoid - short base down), what are the relative merits in terms of efficient use of links vs. object climbing ability?