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Chassis support for big bot... help please?

I have just resumed my project and still dont have a valid chassis idea, here are some pictures, please dont hesitate with any and all suggestions.

But some might not be considered because of the fact that I dont have a welder, CNC, lots of scrap metal.
I have not drilled on the caster wheel, because I think I might upgrade after realizing all of the bot's weight will be on the caster.

Follows things with certain colors, shapes, etc.
Using a
I have posted many ideas for robots, but this will be my second on this website.   It is a Butler Robot. It will have a 12v Mini Fridge onboard, with a springed DC … Read more

What kind of wood is this?

I bought $20 worth of wood and shaped it and everything, but I don't know if it is a very reliable wood. I bought it from Home Depot, however it was in the scrap/returned pile, and so didn't have a label, does anybody know what kind of wood this is by looking at it?




There are a bunch of pictures, just use the arrows and magnifying glass. 


Picks up things with a robot arm
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    I made this CAD in Google Skechup after I had an epiphany. I thought this would be a really cool idea, and would give me some good experience. Here is how it … Read more

Custom CNCing for you Robot?

Has anyone ever had there robot CNCed? If so what website did you use? I looked at BigBlueSaw and the stuff there is beyond way too expensive, a 7x5 inch aluminum rectangle (1/8") with a couple of holes drilled in is $81.00, beyond my budget severely. I also emailed many other sites, and theyre quotes are in the 300's. So does anyone know of any cheap CNCing service based website they could share?

How do i use this... (underside of a button)



how do I solder a wire to this so that I can use a microcontorller to trigger it via outputs?

it comes with the AXE020, but for those that dont have it... Read more

My SRF05 Wont work with my Picaxe!!

I soldered everything up correctly as Frits's tut said, and when I plug in the power to the picaxe, after 7-10 seconds, the SRF05 board and everything gets extremely hot... Did it burn out? How can I see if the SRF05 still works?

How big is the difference between the GM2, 3, 8 and 9s?

I know the higher gear ratio the faster, but what is the difference between the fours, and is it that large?


The solarbiotics if that makes a difference

Oh and never mind the offset ones, the difference is obvious there.