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Chassis support for big bot... help please?

I have just resumed my project and still dont have a valid chassis idea, here are some pictures, please dont hesitate with any and all suggestions.

But some might not be considered because of the fact that I dont have a welder, CNC, lots of scrap metal.
I have not drilled on the caster wheel, because I think I might upgrade after realizing all of the bot's weight will be on the caster.

Follows things with certain colors, shapes, etc.
Using a
I have posted many ideas for robots, but this will be my second on this website.   It is a Butler Robot. It will have a 12v Mini Fridge onboard, with a springed DC … Read more

What kind of wood is this?

I bought $20 worth of wood and shaped it and everything, but I don't know if it is a very reliable wood. I bought it from Home Depot, however it was in the scrap/returned pile, and so didn't have a label, does anybody know what kind of wood this is by looking at it?




There are a bunch of pictures, just use the arrows and magnifying glass. 


Picks up things with a robot arm
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    I made this CAD in Google Skechup after I had an epiphany. I thought this would be a really cool idea, and would give me some good experience. Here is how it … Read more

Electronics Storage Boxes?

I've gotten to the point where I have a mess up resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc of various values, and I need a storage container for them all. All of the ones I have found are four SMT (surface mount) (very small) components. I prefer something that accepts Paypal, but whatever you find could you show me. Perhaps ones you use?

Custom CNCing for you Robot?

Has anyone ever had there robot CNCed? If so what website did you use? I looked at BigBlueSaw and the stuff there is beyond way too expensive, a 7x5 inch aluminum rectangle (1/8") with a couple of holes drilled in is $81.00, beyond my budget severely. I also emailed many other sites, and theyre quotes are in the 300's. So does anyone know of any cheap CNCing service based website they could share?

How do i use this... (underside of a button)



how do I solder a wire to this so that I can use a microcontorller to trigger it via outputs?

it comes with the AXE020, but for those that dont have it... Read more

My SRF05 Wont work with my Picaxe!!

I soldered everything up correctly as Frits's tut said, and when I plug in the power to the picaxe, after 7-10 seconds, the SRF05 board and everything gets extremely hot... Did it burn out? How can I see if the SRF05 still works?