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Question concerning Wheels

Are these geared motors holes


the same size as these



it may seem like an odd question, but I bought two of those right shaft geared motors and I have yet to find an axel that fits inside of it (no i didnt buy the wheels that came with it)


In other words would those sparkfun wheels be able to mount on the hobby engineering motors(same size?)

Picaxe Microcontroller

I want an Arduino Decimilia

Difficulty connecting Srf05 to Picaxe28x1

OK, at first I tried using the PCB connector thing (white, thick, multiple wire wires) and it got annoying because I wasnt certain which clip would be for which wire, and now I am facing even more diffilcuties. I took apart a computer recently to find spare parts, and I found a couple 4 pin female ports, I conected a couple wires to it, and isolated the one at the end, a yellow one. Now, I dont know If I did it right, but I attempted to solder the one wire to the actual board, was I supposed to?

Source Code Request: Picaxe 28x1 Making the SRF05 follow movement/objects?

I would like to see if my sonar SRF05 actually works, so using the "default" setup from the "Start Here" robot, can anyone post a code that makes the Sonar, attatched to the Servo follow movement, say a hand or something?

OK, I got my Picaxe to work, now the servo wont? :D

My computer recognizes it and everythings gogo, but i sent the servo 0, 150 to mypicaxe correctly, and it gives it a slight yank, but randomly and very tiny yank, i think a wire in it might be faulty cause if i move the wires it would randomly yank. Whenever i press F5 as well, it does the yank, help please?

Picaxe not recognized by my computer?

I ran the driver on the CD, I didnt check the website though, is there a new driver on it? If so could someone link to it, and how do I know if the picaxe controller works if I dont plug it into my computer?

what do the numbers below the author mean ie, 14:31 on the robots page

 i asked in the shout box but ehh...


there isnt any website based forums...

Couple "First Robot" Questions

how is the sensor able to turn side to side in your beginners robot without a motor, you would reccommend picaxe over adruino, and where did you get the tracks for the wheels on your 2nd first robot, the one that resembles a tractor?


does it automatically start when u connect the power source, may seem dumb to you :P or is there a switch?