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Basic Atom Help

This code is supposed to be make the always advance forward if there isn't any object infront. If there is any object in front then it should move back and do some sort of spin, but it's not working correctly. When an object is infront of it it just stops immeditately. It uses an IR sensor (Sharp 2d120x). Can anyone help me out with this code? I'm using basic atom pro...


low p10

IR Sensor Help.....

When I connect my servo to the board it starts heating up really bad. I am not sure whats wrong or where it's supposed to go.

I'm connecting to the part that has the 5 V instead of the VS which the right way for analong stuff right?

I just need to know if this thing is soldered right and if not how it should be... I also saw in this link it could be done another way...

Bot Board II Help

I have the bot board II which I bought from lynx motion and this 9 volt battery (L90138.jpg). I know the battery is supposed to go in a designated area... but when I connect it on any free pin it turns on! I have programmed it and it works perfectly. I'm just curious if that is the correct way of powering it?

Basic Atom Programming Help Needed

Ok Basically this is my pseudocode. It's very rough though I did it in around a minute.


start both wheel servos full speed

if object too close in sight move back and move ir sensors left and right to choose direction

if object is blocking left side and not right.. right servo spins backwards and then both servos at full speed

if object is blocking right side and not left... left servo spins backwards then both servos at full speed

if object is blocking both sides... move back and make right servo moves backwards and goto main