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lcd-routines in avr-assembler

hi everybody

i know that not many of you are programming theit avr mcus in assembler, but i 've got something for those who do:

when i started using lcd displays, i just copy-pated or includet the file "lcr-routines.asm" and used those routines that i found on mikrokontroller.net

I found those routines very helpfoul to start working on lcd-displays.

the other attachment called "lcd_routines_advanced.asm" is something i wrote, based on the existing lcd-routines, but using the srram of the avr as a buffer.

How to mount (encoder) Wheels

Hi there fellow robot-builders.

I have just got a pair of wheel encoders wheels, but I am clueless about how you can install them on a motor.



the hole in the middle of the disc is 6mm in diameter, my motor has only about 1.5 mm, glue is not an option because i want to reuse the encoder-discs on other motors^^

looking forward to read your ideas