Let's Make Robots!

Thumbs up for Robotics!

My first batch of bits has arrived and I've been cobbling together some homemade cables, breadboard jumpers, a soldering iron stand and a handy grab thing. I was going to write about them, but it turns out I might need that handy grab thing a bit more now, because half way through attempting to cut a hole in my project box, I thought it would be a super idea, to chop the end of my thumb off.

Easy Freebie LEDs

A quick tip for all you cheap skates out there. I've always had it in my head that I would like my robot to have no permanent connections, to allow me to experiment and reconfigure. This also has the nice side effect of less soldering for me to mess up. I actually have a cunning plan to pay my flatmate in jelly beans to do the tough bits for me; he's an electrical engineer (rock!).

My abstinence has payed off... time for a drink!

Well it wasn't absolutely horrible, but it wasn't super easy either, but I've saved up the £55 ($107) for my first order from tech supplies. Basically it's a 28X1 starter pack, SRF05, breadboard and a whole bunch bits and bobs.

I suppose there will be lots to do when it arives but I'm trying to think of fun things to do before I save up for the servos and gear motors. I salvaged plenty of LED, some solenoids, switches and a few motors from a dead HiFi so maybe I can make something that will use the range detector and wiggle and flash (oo oer).

UK Buying Group?

The robot pot nears being full for the first batch of stuff which will be something like:

The Robot Pot - Drinking my way into robotics.

It's a well known fact that 97.3% of the UK population (babies included) are alcholics; according to the government definition of binge drinking anyway. Well I follow in that proud national tradition, but nevertheless think it would be good for the body if I could cut down. I've also decided it would be good for the soul for me to get into robotics and doubly as good if it could be neutral for the wallet.

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