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External Memory Reader

Oi all,

I was finally going to get my RFID chips (I hope... maybe) and I was thinking that I wanted a way to store a database for RFID tags and actions like a database storring the ID number and if they are level 1 allowance or level 2 allaowance, etc. that way I can not only select what I can allow the person to do in a situation, but I can also easilly add people from my computer or phone (if I use Micro SD). 

Basically I want a way to read a txt file from the root of a data storage device - I'd prefer SD but Thumb drive is my next preference.

Who wants to buy an RFID IC that is actually well made?

Oi all it's Tgeahre, your friendly neighborhood RFID Proponent.

I have good news, I found my RFID reading IC and want help getting it. To start, if you didn't read it before, take a look at my component report in node 1417. For those of you excited about RFID, this report will please you.

At the end I have a wonderful little bit about how to purchase it.

Circuit Diagram Programs

Oi all,

some of you might be following the conversation on 780. I am attempting to make a nice diagram on my computer and was trying to find a GOOD PCB or diagram design program. I have now waisted 2 1/2 hours on one that I just had difficulties with. I have a design but don't like it. I think it looks scrammbled and an hour of the time was spent just naming 2 different kinds of picaxe chips the 08 and the 28x1

all help is appreciated as usual

thanks all


7Pin keypad

Oi all,

I decided to play with my keypad. it is a 1-9, 0, *, and # keypad. 3 columns and 4 rows. I got it from the picaxe store (Here) only one difference, there isn't a first or ninth pin. looks a lot like on page 1 of This pdf.

C2-R1-C1-R4-C3-R3-R2 (R = row- C = column)

Has anyone worked with RFID


While I am waiting for my Picaxe28x1 to arive I have been looking at a few ideas that I want to play with. one of which is a device that regularly pings RFID tags to see if they are within the given area and warns the user if they aren't. basically this is used by a forgetful person like a friend of mine in long beach who leaves his swords everywhere when he drinks (which is pretty much always). I know that this whould be easilly done but I cant find any tutorials online dealing with RFID tags besides the ones telling buisness owners how to upgrade their invintory managment.

Choosing how to use the Picaxe-28X

Hey, I'm new to this site - obviously. I created a rather beautiful robot in high school in the FIRST robotics league and worked with the programming, wiring, and mechanics of the robot attached. plus I was the leader of the team. I have also worked with soldering and circuitry in the past but am not perfect at it and I can use a breadbord rather well.