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Intro to Transistors

Well, I've messed around with tons of electronics and written plenty of code, but my most recent project was to build a motor driver. Or at least, drive a motor somehow with a few transistors. I have a few TIP122 and 127 power transistors, capable of handling plenty of current. I've spent a couple hours trying to get these guys to do what I want but to no avail :\

Can anyone give me a quick how-to on hooking up one of these and triggering it? Like a breadboard example? Or even just point me to an easy-to-understand website on these :)

Thanks for your help!

12v battery power and mega-servo conversion kits

Hey, I'm thinking of starting a real project this summer and I was looking for a few parts. The most complicated things I think I'll need to consider are the batteries and motors. For starters, I'm looking for a 12v battery that holds plenty of current. Something that could power a few windshield wiper motors for some time. Lithium cadmium looks interesting.. or I actually might end up using power tool batteries (just had the idea!)

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Binary Clock Parts

Hey guys, I was thinking of making a binary clock. I don't want this to end up being the typical Dent work- I want this to be good looking and long lasting. It's going to be hung up on one of our walls, so I must be very precise.

Right now, I'm trying to find the right parts. I'll be spending my parent's money after all, so I want this to stay cheap (but still look good!) and I wanna get all the right parts the first time around. 


This doesn't really have anything to do with robots, but can you boot a PC from two RAIDed together 4gb flash drives? I'm thinking of doing some hackintoshing, but I don't have a >8gb USB flash drive. Thanks!

Optointerrupters and Arduino

Ok, I have a pair of optointerrupter modules (just an IR LED and a photodiode paired together basically) and I would like to find out how to use them as distance sensor with an Arduino. Could anyone set me up with some really basic code that I could play around with just to get me on the right track?

The mbed system...

What do you guys make of the mBed system? Its gaining ground rapidly, and it has even entered the meager library of Fritzing parts. Now that's saying something. Anyways, looks like a great system. Breadboardable, ARM based, has an online compiler where you can write code and save it to the cloud (so it's cross platform and you have your data everywhere there's internet). Not an Arduino, but looks good for the aspiring geek looking beyond the Ardy.

So, what do you think of it?

Science project

I've decided to do a light-following solar panel with an Arduino for my science project. However, I'm kinda stuck. I'm confused on how to get the numbers to compare, then tell the servo to go to that position...


Thanks for the help!