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Intro to Transistors

Well, I've messed around with tons of electronics and written plenty of code, but my most recent project was to build a motor driver. Or at least, drive a motor somehow with a few transistors. I have a few TIP122 and 127 power transistors, capable of handling plenty of current. I've spent a couple hours trying to get these guys to do what I want but to no avail :\

Can anyone give me a quick how-to on hooking up one of these and triggering it? Like a breadboard example? Or even just point me to an easy-to-understand website on these :)

Thanks for your help!

A multimeter question

Quick question- Why is it that when I set my multimeter to 9v battery it says my solar panel is putting out 0.89v and when I put it to 20v (not battery)  it says my solar panel is putting out 2.10v?

Problems programming...

I have been using my PICAXE 28X1 board with success for a while now, and I decided to move on. I have breadboarded a PICAXE 28X1, but programming success is a little iffy. 99% of the time, the download page comes up with a normal downloading screen, but only one dot loads.




and then...




Reuse Those Servos!

I'm kind of new here, so here is my first post. It might seem dumb at first, but I think it's a great idea. I've read a lot of posts about people frying their servos (hint: fritsl's cheap tiny blue ones, said so himself! :), so I came up with a money saving solution. REUSE THE SERVOS! YA! 

Servos are expensive after all, and they do have some good gears and they mount easily. So if you fry one, I wouldn't panic too much. 

See, why would you want to spend money on this-