Let's Make Robots!

Official Arduino Ethernet Shield is out :P

I want one so badly! :P

Where can one buy it ? 


incredible hovercraft carpet

I just found this around.. could it be true? :)


realistically feasible weapons

We have many robots in this site, but none of them seem to have weapons. Why? Probably becouse it's hard to design something useful in the small package of our robots.

so, anyone ever tried something? i was considering some kind of shooting gun, either with compressed air or spring loaded. Nothing too powerful, just enought to dissuade cats :)

I have seen this stuff, looks interesting:


Xbee modules

hello! anyone of you ever used one (well, two) of those modules? I'm interested but there are many version to choose among.. Any experience to share ?

Also, is the XBee USB exporer enought on itself to connect an xbee to a pc ? looks like a good solution for the pc side.

Cat dissuasor: blender defender :P

I've ended up in this page today, it's too funny :P It has cats, lols and electronics :)

Basically, a guy built a system that detect when the cat jump in the kitchen table, and scares the hell out of him with a combo of blender noise and strobo lights :P

The short clips are delicious (the last one expecially, made me ROTFL), and there are also details on the implementation!


Google sketch-up: entering absolute coordinate

ok, i'm trying again with sketch up

now, i want to move an object to an exact location, x,y,z. not just moving it around with the mouse.

how do you do? i read the guide and it says something like entering [x',y',z'] on the value box, but i have a problem with this: for making the brakets [] i have to press the alt button, that automatically interrupts the command so i'm unable to move.

Also, how do you see the exact coordinates an object is ?


Soldering :P

Hello, i need help :)

I have a perfboard, of the kind with all holes isolated from each other, like this one. I then have two of this male header strip inserted on the perfboar, parallel and spaced by one empy hole row. Now i have to solder the pins of one line with the one of the other, it making many 3-holes connection bridges (i hope i explained clearly).

Robotic autonomous transoceanic ship :P

Hello, here i am again for another of my impossible to realize weird ideas :P

This one was generated after looking at the map of users in google maps. I thought: it would be super cool to have a robot that is able to go from one LMRoboter to another in different areas of the world. Excluding for obvious reason ground and air veicles, i tought about a robotic boat :P The sea is free of obstacles and doesn't require active work to float.

Help with circuit :P

Hello, i just received my samples of max127acng+ (datasheet). It's an i2c ADC with lots of inputs :) There's a typical circut drawing on it, this one:


Can you explain me what are the componens ?  In particular what are the three capacitor ? why two are different (the ones with the + and the curve) ?

Analog multiplexor (possibly i2c)

Hello! i have almost finished my analog inputs on my last project.. i have only one left and i need to attach some potentiometers to do some calibration.. I could really use some nice multiplexing. What i'd like is a chip with some analog inputs and possibly an i2c interface so that you can choose which analog pin to read and get a digital reading. Do you know if anything like this exists ?