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Hole size on a mini servo horn? (+ where to find hex spacers)

Hi, i've got some miniature servos like this ones :


and i'd like to know the size of the holes on the horn, but not the center hole, the other ones which are pretty small... Does anyone know what kind of screws i need? M1 maybe?

Actually, instead of screws, nuts and bolts would be perfect for me, do you know if (and where) i can find those at that size?

And i'm also looking for that :

Nice pictures of robots

Here is page with a lot of really good pictures of different sorts of robots... pretty interesting... enjoy!


A Video Game Quintet

Ok ok ok it's not a video about robot. But it says "Videos from around the web you have found and want to share" and well, i just really wanted to share this one with you... i'm sure most of you will like it :D

How to use two analogue devices with only one analoque input?

For now it's theory, it's for a future evolution of a future project (yeah i know that's two "future")
Ok actually i'll need 3 analogue inputs (one SRF05 ultrasonic rangefinder and one 2-axis accelerometer), but the 18x picaxe chip has only two. So basically, i need to find a way to share one of the inputs. As i won't need to read the all inputs at the same time, maybe it's doable.

So two ideas came to my mind, each one with its pros and cons.

First idea : a SPDT relay.

With that, two solutions :

Robots we don't like : those who spam LMR >_<

Those days i have the feeling that there are more and more spam on the site, a random comment and a link to some porn website like "I like your robot,  but potatoes are better. Duck having sex with a pineapple."

 Is there any way to prevent that? Like with a captcha for thet first ten times a user wants to post or something like that? I mean, as long as it's not a big deal to make, i know you guys already work a lot on the site!

Transmorphers: Fall of Man trailer

Well, i had the occasion to watch the movie (in fast forward don't worry), all i can say is that the best action and FX are in the trailer... the movie doesn't show more... (for example, the robot from the parabolic antenna, in the movie after the transformation he just... doesn't move at all -_-v  )

God, i was thinking that everything about robots was great... looks like i was wrong...


(and i love the modem noises... that's sooooo 2009...)