Let's Make Robots!

LMR=Lets Make Movies

Where are the robots?

LMR seems to be drifting away from the orioginal core LMR values.

Movies / videos are a great help in descibing a robot project, but should not the primary goal.

There are many new posts of:

I built a robot,

Here is the video,

End of story. 

25 Microhips that shook the world




















I thought I would pass along Brian Santo's article "25 Microchips that Shook the World" from the IEEE Spectrum magaaine. 


It makes some interesting reading.

Latest Build

Check out the latest build by the guys at Evil Mad Scientists Labs


I'll take a half dozen.... 

Commrcial Inventory listings

Rant Alert!

I like the avalibility of descriptions of various parts provided by vendors and the user feed back on them. 

I also have no objection to vendors posting on LMR.

BUT, I do have a problem with being flooded with 80+ *new" posts at a single time by one vendor.

It is really too many to properly evaluate at one time.

I would suggest a 5 per day limit



P.S. Obviously the clerk at the vendor was told to get it done by Friday and finally finished the project.  VOILA!