Let's Make Robots!
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The LCD Smartie Kit 20X4 White on Blue with USB/UART Interface is a module that can display all kinds of stats, data, text, and characters directly from your PC and … Read more
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The Message Pump Through-hole (MPTH) is an LCD back-pack which makes it easy to connect an LCD to either your microcontroller project or your computer. Read more
This is the fastest legged robot commercially available, travelling at an amazing 1 foot per second! Read more
Price: $14.99 USD
This Infrared Remote Decoder Module can receive and decode wireless infrared transmissions over a 38 kHz carrier wave. It can easily interface to a microcontroller … Read more
Price: $11.5 USD
The PICAXE-40X2 IC is the biggest, baddest PICAXE made - even better than the 40X1! Read more
Price: $14.99 USD
Here's a SMD White LED Light Strip. Use these these 5060 12V DC LEDs to light up the darkest of places including but not limited to: closets, shelves, … Read more
Price: $49.99 USD
PICkit 3 Development Programmer/Debugger for in-circuit serial programming or debugging PIC series microcontrollers by Microchip. Read more
Tiny microcontrollers like the Atmel AVR used in the Arduino are now much more powerful than the 8-bit computers from the 1980s. So why not use them to play video … Read more
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This new revision of the MP3 player shield retains the awesome MP3 decoding abilities of the last version but adds the storage functionality of the SD card … Read more
Yay...Heat shrink! Never worry about connection breakage again! Use it to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed solder joints. … Read more