Let's Make Robots!
Price: $3.95 USD
155mm of female connector jumper goodness. Super handy for all sorts of stuff. Read more
Price: $1.95 USD
Yup... This is about as exciting as a three wire cable with female-female connections can get. Read more
Price: $1.75 USD
Yup... It's a DC power plug jack. Exciting stuff. Read more
Price: $21.85 USD
This proto shield comes with a socket for wireless modules, such as the Digi XBee, and a built in regulator and a big ol' prototyping area. Read more
Price: $49.95 USD
Sometimes you need a graphic LCD. And sometimes you need a GIGANTO 128x160 PIXEL GRAPHICAL LCD. This is the latter, with pretty white pixels against a nice blue … Read more
Price: $19.95 USD
This is the serial backpack, not to be confused with a serial handbag, for graphic LCDs, providing a simple serial interface to a full range of controls. Read more
Price: $3.25 USD
Check this action out - It's a panel mount toggle switch, Yay! This switch is unique in it's operation as it has a spring inside that automatically returns the … Read more
Price: $0.49 USD
Here's a coin cell holder for mounting the most common types of coin cell batteries: CR2032 and CR2025. You could try other batteries but we're guessing you won't … Read more
Price: $1.95 USD
Here's a common light weight 2032 coincell battery. Great for powering tiny robots, real time clocks and LED throwies! Read more
Price: $19.95 USD
The ProtoSnap series is a new way to prototype your projects without a breadboard. This box of goodies comes with a bobbin of conductive thread, needles, a battery … Read more
Price: $0.45 USD
This 5mm Water-clear Phototransistor will pick up visible and infrared light and conduct current. When light reaches this high sensitive/fast response time … Read more
Price: $6.95 USD
Usually when you see Mega and Bass in the same sentence it's not usually about Open source microcontroller platforms, but in this case it is! Well that's kind of a … Read more
Price: $9.5 USD
A 2GB microSD Card is surprisingly hard to find these days as SDHC has taken over, but here's a card that is compatible with all our microSD products. Read more
Price: $125.95 USD
Throw this bundle together to have one of the first Arduino-compatible Mini-Sumo kits out there. Get your trusty soldering iron out, build the Sumovore and … Read more
Price: $17.56 USD
The PICAXE-28X2 shield base has been designed to be compatible with almost all 'shield modules' as used with the Arduino system. This a very affordable project … Read more
Price: $31.95 USD
The uLCD-144(GFX) is a compact and cost effective stand-alone display module using the latest state of the art LCD (TFT) technology with an embedded … Read more
Price: $0.7 USD
These 4-pin momentary-contact SPST (Single Pole, Single-throw) switches are great for sending reset signals. Read more
Price: $2.66 USD
The PICAXE PWM-IC is a special 8 pin chip designed to drive a L293D motor driver chip to add speed control without any extra output pins needed from your … Read more
Price: $24.95 USD
As energy prices get higher and higher, you'll want to capture as much abundant sunlight as possible and store it for future use. These solar cells will help you … Read more
Price: $29.95 USD
The Ardweeny Project Pack was created for you to sink your small Arduino-compatible project directly into it's application right away. If you like microwave dinners … Read more
Price: $29.95 USD
The Ardweeny Prototype Pack gives you the ability to get your Ardweeny project figured out before you make the giant leap of soldering it all together for it's … Read more
Price: $22.95 USD
Get started making tiny Arduino projects with the Ardweeny Starter Pack! There's no need to leave your full Arduino board in your project since it's great for … Read more
Price: $39.95 USD
Triple the flavour, Triple the Fun, that the guarantee of Solarbotics Triple mint......wait a second...this isn't a Gum commercial!!! But it is a announcement for … Read more
Price: $42 USD
Here's a Pocket Marquee Bundle for setting up your own portable sign or displays.  Design your own animations/messages and show them off wherever you go. Read more
Price: $5 USD
Call it a teeny, tiny little brother to the GM3 gearbox. With a suitably smaller appetite for power! Read more
Price: $5 USD
This 1:192 Tiny Geared Pager Motor has an offset shaft much like the GM2, but is roughly half the size in every dimension. We suspect that these were the motors … Read more
Price: $6.95 USD
Think of this as a audial robotic digestive system. It'll eat 20 whole seconds of sound before barking it back at you with beautiful clarity, maybe not exactly as … Read more
Price: $1.5 USD
Three pin JST connector with red, black, and yellow colored wire. 5 inches of wire length, perfect for interfacing SHARP analog Infrared sensors to your project. Read more
Price: $9.85 USD
The VS-9 Pico Servo is a strong little servo motor for it's size, it's like that little kid that the neighbourhood bully used to pick on that ended up giving the … Read more
Price: $85 USD
This kit from Evil Mad Science works like an indoor sundial, but with three shadows of different length. This version comes with your choice of laser-cut … Read more