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Price: $9.85 USD
The VS-9 Pico Servo is a strong little servo motor for it's size, it's like that little kid that the neighbourhood bully used to pick on that ended up giving the … Read more
Price: $10.95 USD
A simple, low-cost, high quality servo for all your mechatronic needs. Read more
Price: $12.95 USD
This modified servo is great for simple projects and lightweight robots. Read more
Price: $18.95 USD
The FP-S148 Servo is a well-known, reliable workhorse servo that is easilly modified for continuous rotation. Read more
Price: $5.85 USD
HXT900, one of the most famous and the best value micro servos available. We have them here at Solarbotics! Read more
Price: $11.95 USD
Looking for a good continuous-rotation servo? The Grand-Wing Servo GSV0008A is a well proven unit! Read more
Price: $15.95 USD
This tiny unit from GWS comes with a ball-bearing supported shaft, Futaba connector, and accessory kit. Read more
Price: $15.95 USD
This high performance servo from GWS comes in an impressivly small package, complete with acessory pack, Futaba connectors, and a ball-bearing supported output … Read more
Price: $12.95 USD
The GWS S03N servo is a good, solid workhorse if you have a need for inexpensive reliable servos. Read more
Price: $13.95 USD
We had Grand-Wing Servo supply us with an inventory of their modified GWS05 servo! It's a servo without pcb - all brawn, no brains! Read more
Price: $9.85 USD
The VS-19 Pico Linear Servo is a tiny linear actuator with 2cm of travel. The uses for this linear motor are endless, we'll leave it to you to find a killer app. … Read more