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Looking for a more flexibility out of your Sumovore, but you’re not too up on programming? The PICAXE is a PIC-based solution, programmable with flowcharts - … Read more
Use the NunChucky I2C Breakout Board Adapter to use your Wii Nunchuck controller in your own projects! Read more
Price: $6.95 USD
For owners of Sumovores purchased prior to May 2005, this kit solidifies your Sumovore with a powder-coated steel baseplate! Read more
Price: $35 USD
The HVW Technologies' Stamp Stack II is a bread-board friendly, abuse-tolerant, Parallax BS2 100% compatible microcontroller. Read more
Price: $15.95 USD
This little number is an interface board for any BS2-compatible or Stamp Stack II controller, it is intended for use with products that were designed to … Read more
Price: $20.95 USD
This Sumovore add-on brainboard replaces the standard discrete logic brain with a powerful, programmable microcontroller! (Requires host product) Read more
Price: $25.95 USD
Using one of the most popular styles of microcontrollers, this brainboard add-on replaces the standard discrete-logic brain with an established, powerful … Read more
Price: $4.95 USD
The Brainboard Prototyping board is designed to plug into the expansion ports of the "Version 2" Sumovore Brainboard add-ons. Read more
Price: $7.99 USD
Summary for 5 Panels Of Double-sided Prototype PCB, 2880 Holes Read more
Price: $4.99 USD
Here's a handy prototyping PCB for larger sized projects Read more