Let's Make Robots!
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This essential title in McGraw-Hill's ROBOT DNA SERIES is just what robotics hobbyists need to build an effective drive train and gain a full understanding of robot … Read more
Price: $27.95 USD
Gordon McComb's Robot Builders Bonanza -3nd Ed. is considered by many to be the bible of hobby robotics. Read more
Price: $24.95 USD
123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius by Myke Predko is a great starting point for anyone who is just interested in either electronics or robotics. Read more
Price: $36.95 USD
CNC Robotics is a step-by-step guide to building your own CNC machine. It is an excellent starting point for anyone who is thinking about building a CNC system of … Read more
Price: $24.99 USD
Need a book on simple, effective robotics? This is the one! Written by Solarbotics' founder Dave Hrynkiw with contributions by Mark Tilden Read more
Price: $21.95 USD
Need an robotics book for an absolute-beginner? This book is an exhaustive guide on practically all aspects of tools and techniques to built the … Read more
Price: $26 USD
Absolute Beginners Guide to Building Robots By Gareth Branwyn. Get the parts for the project robots too! Read more
Price: $24.99 USD
Intermediate Robot Building by David Cook covers all aspects of robot building, from mechanical, to electronics, to microcontroller selection Read more
Price: $19.95 USD
Mechanical Devices for the Electronic Experimenter covers numerous mechanisms for robotics and electronics applications. A great resource for brainstorming! Read more