Let's Make Robots!
Price: $6.95 USD
Think of this as a audial robotic digestive system. It'll eat 20 whole seconds of sound before barking it back at you with beautiful clarity, maybe not exactly as … Read more
Price: $2.25 USD
2-1/4" round, 8 ohm, 0.25 watt general purpose replacement speaker. Paper cone, Alnico magnet. Unit comes with 6" wire lead attached. Read more
Price: $49.99 USD
Here's a HIGH-QUALITY audio playback unit for your embedded application. MP3 compatible up to 192Kbps stereo on microSD memory cards! It's ideal for building your … Read more
Price: $2 USD
Here's an unamplified Piezo element for breadboarding sound applications (making or detecting sound!) Read more
Price: $26.95 USD
The SOMO-14D is a tiny audio module that can play back stored audio files from a micro-SD memory card. Read more
Price: $55.95 USD
The Voice Shield™ (VS) is an analog audio shield for the Arduino that allows you to play audio sound byte. Read more
Price: $23.45 USD
Sometimes a gentle "beep" and "boop" isn't enough from a microcontroller. The Adafruit Wave Shield adds these audio capabilities to your … Read more
Price: $7.95 USD
This is a small buzzer for the LilyPad system. Use 2 I/O pins on the LilyPad main board and create different noises based on the different frequency of I/O … Read more