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Price: $15.5 USD
The ChronoDot RTC is an extremely accurate real time clock module, based on the DS3231 temperature compensated RTC (TCXO). Read more
Price: $19.95 USD
A real time clock based on the DS3234 Real Time Clock IC, which is a low-cost, extremely accurate SPI bus real-time clock with an integrated temperature-compensated … Read more
Price: $5.95 USD
The DS1302 is a Trickle Charge Timekeeping IC that contains an RTC/calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM. Read more
Price: $5.95 USD
Add-on kit, specifically for the AXE033 Serial/I2C LCD and clock module Read more
Price: $24.25 USD
The PICAXE Serial / I2C LCD and Clock offers a convenient 16x2 display with the ability to add a real-time clock. Save modules and space! Read more