Let's Make Robots!
Price: $5 USD
The Adafruit BoArduino PCB is good for those who really want to tackle an Arduino-compatible project that fits on a breadboard! Read more
Looking for a way to make your GP2D12 I2C compatible? The I2C-It is the optical sensor for you! Read more
Price: $29.95 USD
If you want a quick rangefinder solution, try this bundle that has two I2C-It sensors, a cable and appropriate pins. Read more
Price: $59.95 USD
The Devantech SRF10 is a very compact dual-element ultrasonic ranger, with a excellent useful range of 3cm to 6 meters!(That's 1.2" to 19.7'!) Read more
Price: $3.95 USD
These 31mm diameter (almost 1-1/4") wheels are ideal for mini-sumo robotics. Read more
Price: $59.99 USD
Just recently find out about MAKE Magazine? I bet you're scrambling to find back-issues. Or stealing your friend's copies, and "conveniently" forgetting … Read more
Price: $24.95 USD
Make Magazine features the people behind many of the cool projects seen in MAKE Magazine. Get this hardcover 184 page full-colour book while they are still in … Read more
Price: $24.95 USD
50 built-it-yourself solar projects from high-tech guru Gavin D.J. Harper Read more
Price: $8.5 USD
The PICAXE-18X IC is a tiny single-chip computer that you can program in a graphical flowchart-like language or easy to learn BASIC. Read more
Price: $1.6 USD
Panasonic 38kHz IR detectors, as used in our Sumovore kits. Read more