Let's Make Robots!
Price: $1 USD
Strong, half-round, and red! Read more
Price: $1.5 USD
This miniature version of the popular PP8 also has a rounded tip, but is much smaller - idea for tight spaces! Read more
This shield adds USB Host functionality to the Arduino. You know what that means? Plug your mouse in! Your keyboard in! There's all sorts of potential here! Read more
The PICAXE Experimenters Kit is a flexible PICAXE development board for 8, 18, and 28-pin PICAXE ICs. It includes all the parts and pieces to get started building … Read more
Looking for the Quad Serial Servo Controller ? The Quad Serial Servo Controller controls up to 4 servos independantly via a 1 wire serial connection. Order your … Read more
Arduino Nano is a surface mount breadboard embedded version with integrated USB. You want a breadboard-friendly Arduino? This is it! Read more
Much like the GM11-14 series of gear motors, but with a larger motor! Read more
The idea of a DIP socket is to allow easy insertion/replacement of chips in existing circuits. Read more
New to microcontrollers? You can't get much simpler than the PICAXE. And here's the introduction you need to get used to them! 3 Read more