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WEll i'll start off with i'm lazy. that being said nothing is more exciting then doing soemthing right when i finally try. This afternoon i hooked up an old pc speaker i salvaged from work.


The good news: it works, and generates tones based on input from my ir sensor.

 the bad news: its awfully quiet, i would think it has to do with being a pc speaker and being driven by 5v- whatever the darlington takes out of it.


now the decision: do i hook up a second power supply?  or search for a speaker ment to be driven off of 5v?

Advanced micro Circuts AKA world-educational-services.net

So I've been meaning to post this for a long time, sounds like a lot of folks on this particular forum have had issues with these folks, and sadly i am only one of them.


Serial Terminal help

I'm trying to work out something similar to what fritsl had with his "see what robot sees" post: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/316.

Every time i open the Serial terminal window i get gibberish:


what the serial terminal is displaying

Navigate around objects via infrared
Using a
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