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LMR Mr.Basic Contest

To everyone that bought a Mr Basic, here are the rules of the contest:

If you make a robot to enter the contest, make sure that you add the
The main feature of solar car is that the 140 motor is powered by solar energy.And its four wheels are made from solid rubber with a spring shock absorber … Read more
Price: $12 USD
Originally it was an oil lantern, with a smd LED, a circuit board, a toggle switch and a 9V battery, it can be converted to a fantastic classical lantern LED light, … Read more

Gift for LMR Mr.Basic Buyers

Sounds everybody is waiting for my good news.


But firstly I want to s
For some robot hobbyist, the function of PC mouse isn’t just serving for computer, with its case, we can build a lovely robot kit. Read more
Price: $6.2 USD
  Testing conditions: Read more