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Hello, I look for an advice on the cards of programming for a future robot. I am going to build a "robot sumo" wrestling! But my problem it is because I do not arrive has to find a good card(map), I hesitate between some card(map) of programming as: PICAXE-28X1 or Cerebellum: http://botrics.com/products/cereb/ . I have the impression(printing) that it is the almost similar sound card but the picaxe in the air(sight) of credit note more memory(report)? Can you give him(it) advice(councils) to choose one maid card as my "robot sumo" wrestling?

Programming led (picaxe-28)

Hi people, i speak little english, sorry. Ok i need help ! i programming my first robot and 1 Led . OK I need the help! I schedule(program) my first robot and 1 led.I do not find Tutoriel to install(settle) Led, I placed my Led on digital outputs (both branch on out 7). My led ignites correctly but when I want scheduled(programmed) I return codes is that do not walk(work): led:

High 7 ' switch one output 1

pauses 5000 ' wait 5 second

low 7 ' switch off output 1

pause 5000 ‘ wait 5 seconds

goto main ‘ loop back to start