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Balances on 2 wheels, Remote Controlled
Using a
  HI guys, This is Balance1, my balancing robot, I built balance1 to demonstrate that a digital controller I had designed in MatLab actually worked in the real … Read more

Gearhead Motor Backlash

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have any ideas on how to compensate for backlash or play in the gears either in code or otherwise because it's making my balancing robot a bit jittery.

Well this is GPSRover 1.0. its not my first robot but it is my first on LMR.     So far all it does is move between different saved waypoints but im thinking of … Read more

GPS failed checksum

Well first of all Hi everyone, although i've been visiting the site for a while this is my first post on LMR so here goes.

After seeing patrickmccabe's "Fundamentals of a GPS guided vehicle" tutorial i decided to give it a go. I got the code supplied in the tutorial to work without any trouble but when i started making some changes and adding to the code i ran into a few problems.