Let's Make Robots!

The Blue Thunder Project: New concept art!

 This is Blue Thunder. He has nearly every major degree of freedom that a human has, using 28 servos.

That's What I'm Building. I need input on Batteries, that need to run 26 High torque servos and 2 Micro servos, are rechargable, light, and get a runtime of over 10 min.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Quite a while ago, Fritsl suggested another LMR Skype weekend. Either that already happened, and a spammer brought the forum up a few months ago, or it lost interest.

Anyone feel like having a Skype weekend anytime soon? I have a microphone now, so I can finally participate!

PSP Screen Pinouts.

Edit: Learned what I needed to from previous question, didn't wanna create a new forum for every Question I had (we'd be at node 20,000 in no time).


Calibration problems with a Maxibotics XL-EZ4

Ok, here's the deal. Today, I got my fantastically awesome order from sparkfun. It included:

The Maxibotics XL-EZ4 Rangefinder

The JPEG Compression Camera

I managed to soder some wires to three pins of the EZ4 without burning the house down. I got GND, +V, and pin 2 (Digital signal)

Common Electronics Knowledge Questions

Hi LMR. I have already made a robot, as you may know, but all I did (on the physical/electrical side of things) was plug a few cables into the pre-made servo ports on the Board of Education, as my copy of Electronics for Dummies told me to do. I read the entire thing, but they explained a few things in a way I didn't understand. Like the names for stuff, and what each means. Until now, I thought voltage was a measure of battery capacity. I FAIL, I know. I've sorted it out, so now I know about amps and volts, but I have a couple technical questions regarding electricity.

Artificial Intelligence Idea

Okay, so I was bored in math class. I came up with this idea for AI. What if you had 2 picaxes. One controlling sensors and locomotion, and one that had certain objectives (battery level stays above critical, don't let your gyro tilt too far, etc) for basic survival implanted in its code. Now what if, as the robot zooms around the yard, it flips. The gyro objective has been violated. the robot rights itself, and the second, objective picaxe starts comprising a new code to burn into the first one. It does so, and then the robot is off again, with a new code.

USB Datalogger Questions


Can Anyone tell me if you can not only write to it, but read from it as well? I need to be able to get pictures from a camera (a robotics applications camera) on and off of there, as well as gps co-ords and compass readings (those and a few notes in a bundled file)

Fingertech Robotics Question

Do you remember when you sent me that hard copy pdf file of the high torque servo? With all the stuff I needed to Cad it? I need a hard copy of the servo horns it comes with. Please email it to Benbo231@gmail.com as you did before. Hurry, I am at a standstill until I get it, and my deadline is rapidly approaching! I have until the end of next week to CAD about 40 parts, usingabout 3 square feet of aluminum. Please hurry.

I Don't Get the Xmos Environment...

Okay, so programming the thing will eventually break into my mind. I'll get it eventually. It's the whole environment that's got me thinking I'm in way over my head. I don't get the environment. Any tips from seasoned Xmos Veterans?

Questions and XMOS and lasers, oh my!

Oddbot, what's the torque like on those micros of yours? How tough is polymorph at about 3 mm thick? Can it take a fall and be landed on with 5kg without shattering? If possible, can you post a hard-copy of the exact dimensions of your micro?