Let's Make Robots!


i am lookin for new and creative robot ideas. I have an arduino mega. what do I do?
gives an input when it is touched
first, you need a clotheshanger, a pair of pliers, some epoxy, and a leaf-spring switch see pic 1 for materials. chop a fair bit off of the coathanger with the … Read more

Pic Shout Petition

THis is a petition to add pictures to the shoutbox. Like if you paste in a URL, it would turn into that pic! if you support this idea, or have a better version of the system, reply to this forum.



The shouts that started it all:

Benbo231: yeah, to see master chief right next to my name wen I post... or let us shout pix!

Ping Flatlined, little to no input...

my ping has little to no response. when i debug, it always says 0 or 1. it used to say 1500 or more sometimes. could it be a connection error or a problem with the sensor? i cant afford a replacement sensor, so if it is the problem, please tips on how to fix it...? please help

Code Below

programming language BASIC 2.5

The Ping is pin 15

pix coming around noon