Let's Make Robots!

The Blue Thunder Project: New concept art!

 This is Blue Thunder. He has nearly every major degree of freedom that a human has, using 28 servos.

That's What I'm Building. I need input on Batteries, that need to run 26 High torque servos and 2 Micro servos, are rechargable, light, and get a runtime of over 10 min.

Artificial Intelligence Idea

Okay, so I was bored in math class. I came up with this idea for AI. What if you had 2 picaxes. One controlling sensors and locomotion, and one that had certain objectives (battery level stays above critical, don't let your gyro tilt too far, etc) for basic survival implanted in its code. Now what if, as the robot zooms around the yard, it flips. The gyro objective has been violated. the robot rights itself, and the second, objective picaxe starts comprising a new code to burn into the first one. It does so, and then the robot is off again, with a new code.

Guess what I'm Building?

Guess what I'm Building?

Parts List (Oddbot or Claudia, Help please)

8 Mr. Basics

14 Micro servos

1 set of sensor mounts

1 Magnifier thingy

1 LCD Screen

10 servo extension cables...

what would be the total price, with shipping, for all this. what is the benefit of the new Mr. Basic Board?

A word to anyone in the XMOS or Mr. Basic Challenges:

Fear me!

Arduino Diecimila Questions



which ports can support servo control? and where are they located?

I'm getting one leter this week, and I have absolutely no idea how it works.


Swapshop-Blog Version

Ok, so ive made a robot, still workin on it. However, im lookin to the next one already, and for it, i need an arduino. Im dead broke, but i saw Swapshop in the forums, and thought it was smart! however, the most recent post was like 2 weeks ago, and i'm lookin for more traffic then that.

I was cleanin my room (for once) and found this stuff. im unloadin a lot of my old stuff for cash, and heres a bit of it...

Nicd Battery pack (1800 MaH)

2 Tamiya Gearboxes and Wheels

2 Leaf-Spring Switches

2 Radio-Transmitter like parts

2 IR detectors


i am lookin for new and creative robot ideas. I have an arduino mega. what do I do?

Ping Flatlined, little to no input...

my ping has little to no response. when i debug, it always says 0 or 1. it used to say 1500 or more sometimes. could it be a connection error or a problem with the sensor? i cant afford a replacement sensor, so if it is the problem, please tips on how to fix it...? please help

Code Below

programming language BASIC 2.5

The Ping is pin 15

pix coming around noon