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Using a
As I previously stated:I've been working on my robot, and I honestly feel like a doctor in a third world country, I'm short on everything. Read more

Using the axe023

I have a couple of the axe023, and I was wondering about their full potential. Are they compatible with IR sensors? What else besides bumper switches and simple motors can you use them for? It would be fun to make a bunch of little robots.

Help Designing Your Robot

As said in sociatyofrobots.com, designing is the most important stage of robot building. I spent no time designing Turpis, and that's most likely why it turned out so bad. However, I'm an awful artist, and I need to find a more efficient way to plan. I've tried my hand at Sketchup, and it is uncooperative with my computers. Are there any easy-to-use free software out there?






Physi rides around on 2 toothbrush heads.
Ok, so it's not really a robot, it can't make decisions nor can it think what-so-ever because it has no microcontroller. However, running on vibration motors from … Read more